What People Are Saying

"This retreat was by far the most transformational and educational workshop I have attended in my entire career (next to the Grant retreat). Morgan's insights into what was holding me back both personally and professionally helped me realize that I was limiting my own success."
Tanya Garcia, PhD
Associate Professor, UNC-CH
"I love RSA and the work yall do.  It has transformed my career. I built two collaborations this year that I never would have done prior to RSA, because I had so much confidence and excitement about the project, it totally over-shadowed any fear of working with other people."
Jennifer Simkin, PhD
Assistant Professor, LSU
“Your “Grant Story Funnel” is by far the most useful resource I have yet seen. You have really found the “golden ticket” with this one. ... while the story funnel is pitched toward writing the “aims", it is a great template for actually constructing the rest of the grant. Many preach that writing a good aims page sets the applicant up for writing an entire successful grant. But this presentation goes beyond and actually suggests how one would do it! Bravo!”
Rosemarie Hunziker, PhD
Principal, Connexon Life Sciences Consulting and Former Program Director for Tissue Engineering and ImmunoEngineering, NIBIB/NIH
"Morgan has the gift of providing both inspiration and concrete help and advise on creativity, productivity, and grant writing. Her workshops and webinars are superior to and different from anything else out there. "
Karin Rengefors, PhD
Professor, Lund University, Lund, Sweden